So, we’ve made it to wrap up time.  Thank you for joining me on my journey.  I  had a schedule and determined that it didn’t work.  I’ve updated the schedule and now I think that I have something that can work.  It will probably be one of those things that will constantly change.

How have your schedules gone?  Are they working for you?  What’s working best?  What needs improvement? Am I really the only one that struggles with this house cleaning thing?

For our Wrap Up, let’s share our whole schedule – everything – daily, weekly, monthly, annual.  I have my schedule in a Microsoft Word document so I can print it off and use it as a reference (and change it).  It had to fit on one piece of paper (using both sides).  If it was longer than that, I knew I wouldn’t use it.  I have the schedule on one side and my itemized checklist on the other side.

Here’s My Schedule:

Mondays -Bedrooms/Family Rm Cleaning, Laundry Folding/Put Away,  Catching Up on Errands
Tuesdays -Balance Bank Accounts & Update Budget Actuals,  Bathroom Cleaning
Wednesdays – Kitchen Cleaning, Monthly Cleaning
Thursdays – Catch Up Day for Anything Missed Mon-Weds, If Needed, Update Bank Registers and Budget Actuals
Fridays – Monthly and/or Annual Cleaning, Every Other Week: Grocery Shopping, MOPS
Weekends – Laundry, Change Sheets on All Beds, Kids Clean Their Rooms

  • Annual cleaning projects will be completed throughout the month during Baby E’s afternoon naps.
  • Dinner preparation (defrosting, chopping, etc.) will be completed daily during Baby E’s afternoon naps.

My Checklist:

– Make Beds
– Dirty Clothes in Hampers
– Room-by-room Pickup
– Vacuum Family Room
– Wipe Counters (Kitchen and Bathrooms)
– Load/Unload Dishwasher
– Sweep Kitchen Floor


Bedrooms & Family Room
– Dust w/ Wand (cobwebs, door frames, lamps, moldings)
– Dust w/ Cloth and Spray
– Clean Mirrors
– Sweep & Vacuum

Bathrooms (incl. Landing)
– Clean Sink & Counter
– Clean Shower Walls
– Clean Tub
– Clean Toilet (inside, outside, behind)
– Clean Mirror
– Clean Cabinet Top
– Sweep & Mop

– Wipe Cabinets
– Clean/Wipe Toe Kicks
– Clean Microwave
– Clean Refrigerator Vent
– Clean Counters (move everything out of the way)
– Clean Sinks
– Dust w/ Wand (cobwebs)
– Sweep & Mop

– Clean tracks of sliding glass doors and windows
– Run ½ cup Vinegar mixed in a full pot of water through coffeemaker
– Wash down shelves and veggie bins in refrigerator
– Wash down the refrigerator vent
– Clean Stove Hood Vents
– Vacuum under couch cushions
– Wash inside of garbage cans and wastebaskets
– Dust, Sweep, Mop Basement and Stairs

January – Clean Medicine Cabinets
February – Organize Pantry and Kitchen Cabinets
March – Clean hard to reach places, behind stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, under beds
April -Wash Windows & Screens, Vacuum or Dry Clean Drapes
May – Plant Flowers and Work on Landscaping
June – Clean Out Basement
July – Clean & Organize Garage
August – Clean out Dressers & Closets
September – Clean Out Linen Closet
October – Defrost and Clean Freezer, Refrigerator, Oven (Inside)
November – Defrost and Clean Freezer, Refrigerator (Outside & Basement)
December – Turn Mattresses

I would love it if you would share yours or leave me a comment to let me know how you are doing.

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