How did your week go?  Did you get all those Monthly tasks listed and planned out that we discussed in Part 3?  Honestly, I’m still working on my schedule.  But, you should know, my house almost sparkled this weekend.  🙂  The counter-o-crap was clean.  Did you read that?  The counter-o-crap was clean!  The kitchen floor was mopped and the counters scrubbed.  My son, took all his big kid toys out of his and Baby E’s room and moved them into the play area in the basement.  He and I worked on his dresser – AND – it’s clean!  You can see the top of it, not just the top of some of it but the whole dresser top!  Both bathrooms were scrubbed (okay, minus the tub, which is why it “almost” sparkled).  Things were dusted!  I’m just so excited.  We should have a party more often!

Okay, okay enough excitement, back to the business at hand.  Part 4 is all about our Annual Cleaning tasks.  These tasks are things like defrosting the freezer, going through the medicine cabinet for expired drugs, and cleaning hard to reach places.  There can be a lot of these types of tasks.  I suggest writing everything down in one big list and then assigning a month to each item.  If your list is really huge, you might need to have more than one task for each month.

Try to correspond the task to the season, if applicable, as well.  For example, one of my tasks is cleaning out the garage.  I chose July so that the garage is all clean and organized before everyone goes back to school and hubby goes back to work.  I chose August for closet and dresser cleaning to help determine how much clothes shopping needs to happen before school starts back up again.  Those winter months are a good time to do things inside.

Here’s my Annual list:

Clean Medicine Cabinets

Organize Pantry and Kitchen Cabinets

Clean hard to reach places, behind stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, under beds

Wash Windows & Screens

Plant Flowers and Work on Landscaping

Clean Out Basement

Clean & Organize Garage

Clean out Dressers & Closets

Clean Out Linen Closet

Defrost and Clean Freezer, Refrigerator, Oven  (Inside)

Defrost and Clean Freezer, Refrigerator (Outside & Basement)

Turn Mattresses

For more ideas on what should be on that Annual list,  I refer you (again) to the Woman’s Day article.  She had somethings that were not applicable to me, but might have some things you should include.  In fact, I think I see something that needs to be added!  LOL!  It’s just never done is it?

Come back next week and we’ll put everything together on a master schedule and wrap up this series.  Good luck working on your Annual cleaning list!

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