Dear Baby E,

I can’t believe that it’s been one year already.  I remember just thinking about the possibility of having another baby like it was yesterday.  Even though time has past so quickly, I can’t imagine life without you.  Your smile brightens my day and you saying “mama” melts my heart.  You’re a cuddly, giggly, lovey baby.

Your brother and sister spoil you.  They bring you toys, they give you lots of hugs and kisses, and they love to make you laugh.  I even think that G likes to share a room with you.  Neither of you are ever alone. 🙂  You love to give Alyssa smooches.

In this last month, you’ve discovered pumpkins and leaves.  You’ve gone on two hay rides. You’ve trick-or-treated as a puppy.  You’ve taken rides in G’s Tonka truck.  You’ve learned how to get yourself off of the couch without falling.  You’ve pulled over the fireplace gate at least a dozen times.  You’ve kissed Snickers, our kitty.  You’ve had a fun-filled month with loads of great experiences.

Pretty soon you will be walking.  You are almost there now.  You love, love, love holding on to fingers (anyone’s) and walking all around.  Any day now, you’ll take those first steps.

I have loved this time that I get to have you to myself during the day.  Our times are so special.  I love playing cars with you.  I love tickle time.  I really, really love our cuddle time.

I don’t have a cute poem or beautiful song lyrics.  I just love you with all my heart.  I know we’ll have many more milestones to celebrate.  You can, at any time, slow down though.  I want to just soak in all the baby time that I can so I can remember it forever.

I love you.  Happy 1st Birthday!