If you are having a baby, this should be on your registry.  Really.  Do you know how may CD players we have gone through?  I don’t, there’s too many to count.  CD players are bulky and then there’s the CD’s you have to carry around with you.  You already know this.  That’s why most of us already have iPods, or something similar, of our own.  But, just for a moment, think about it from the baby gear perspective.

Photo Credit: Apple Store

In our house, we use lullaby music to help get our kids to relax at nap time and bed time.  In most cases, this music plays very softly in their room all night long.  It’s part of our sleep training.  One of my mom friends swore by this method and back when Baby E was about 3 months old, we tried it and stuck with it – because it worked.  We also did the music at night with the other two kids when they were younger – and they were great sleepers.

If you had to spend some time away from home, you’d pack the pack-and-play, diaper bag, and various other baby gear (depending on baby’s age).  You’d also have to pack CD’s and a CD player, which can be bulky and CD’s can get scratched or worse lost!  With an iPod, you can pack this tiny little machine in your purse or pocket.  You can also get small travel speakers that could probably fit in your diaper bag.  It’s just more pack friendly.

Just something to think about…  I know I am as our last CD player is now broken and there’s no music in Baby E’s room.  Thankfully, I have an old iPod and travel speakers in the master bedroom to use when rocking baby to sleep – and if I have to – it will get moved into baby’s room – because sleep is good!