I know, another baby birthday post! But, 1st birthday’s only happen once!

On Sunday we had Baby E’s 1st Birthday party.  He really didn’t know what to expect.  We got a lot of inquisitive looks.  He got really upset as we took away toys so that we could remove the packaging and he could continue to open more presents.  He just didn’t understand.

Papa got into the action and tried to help get those toys out of the packaging.  I know they make it so difficult because of theft, but really.  We had two sets of grandparents trying to get toys out of their packaging as quickly as possible.

Luckily, the gift from us was already out of the box, assembled, and ready to go.  Whew!  It bought us some time to get everything else ready for baby.

He did understand that cupcakes feel great squished between your fingers and that icing makes a great finger paint (or diaper paint) and even looks great up the nose.  I just loved how the lion face cupcake cake turned out!  Isn’t awesome?  Meijer did good!

While Baby E checked out his new loot, the older people (mom, dad, grandparents, great grandma, sister and brother) enjoyed some appetizers and later a cupcake and chocolate ice cream.  Of course, I had try out some new recipes!  We tried Crostini, Brown Sugar Smokies and Double Tomato Bruschetta along with chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, a veggie tray with dip and even some Sangria wine.  Actually, hubby made the bruschetta and it was wonderful.  I’m loving All Recipes!  I’m actually starting to feel like I can actually make food that people like!  Now, that’s an accomplishment!