Dear Baby E,

You have learned so much this last month.  You can wave bye-bye and clap your hands.  You pull up on anything and then let go, leaving you standing for a few seconds before you sit down or hang on again.  Just this week, you started to walk across the room while holding onto my fingers.  You were so excited and squealed with delight.  You can say “Dada” “Mama” “Wow-wow” “No” and most recently “Ahhh-Dah” (we think it’s All Done).

You have just started to notice the TV.  A and G put on Wow Wow Wubzy for you.  You love the intro song.  We’re pretty sure that’s where your “wow-wow” came from.  Daddy says that you like to watch football too.  The other day mama put on Sesame Street and you were mesmerized.

Next month you will be 1 year old!  I thought we talked about this – slow down!!!  We are excited about your accomplishments, but we want our baby to be a baby just a wee bit longer.