Yay!  I made it to my second week of the You Capture challenge!  The topic “mornings” was a little difficult for me.  This summer I have been very spoiled.  My hubby is a teacher so he has his summers off.  He’s a morning person.  I am not.  He gets up early and when the baby gets up, he takes care of him.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping so I’ve been sleeping in until 9 AM and sometimes (gasp!) 10 AM.  My “mornings” consist of getting up and drinking coffee and then putting baby down for his morning nap. Ha!

So, at least right now, my mornings are coffee.  Occasionally, okay it’s when hubby is not here, I actually get up when the baby does.  He’s cute and smiley and happy.  So, that’s what I went with.  If this challenge came up a few weeks from now, it would have turned out so differently (school buses, groggy kids,  school bags, etc.).

I know.  I really need to get out of Auto mode.  I feel like I’m cheating.  I did play with the flash.  I didn’t want to totally flash baby’s eyes.  I turned it down a bit.  I also didn’t want it totally lit up, since I was trying to show it was morning.  So, another challenge for me.  First, to continue to use my camera and make it a habit, and second to get out of Auto mode.

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