Today was a dark, overcast day.  It was hard to get motivated to go out.  Baby E rubbed his eyes most of the day; which I took as a warning that he didn’t want to go out either. I still have 2 containers of formula to return.  Oh well, I guess it will have to wait.  I did 3 or so loads of laundry and packed up Baby E’s outgrown clothes.  I consider that success for the day.

My favorite part of the day was snuggling with Baby E.  When he was on our couch, he tried to get behind me and pull me on him – like to squish him between me and the couch.  Of course, I didn’t really squish him, but I would lean back a little and he would just giggle and giggle.  I’d sit up and he would pull me again.  It was just so much fun spending time giggling with him.

He’s just learned how to clap his hands.  We’ve been trying to get him to do this for about a week.  When he was sitting in his high chair he just started clapping.  He looked like he was concentrating so hard.  He’s just so cute.

These are my favorite times as a stay-at-home mom.  I love the snuggles and the cuteness and if I decide to do nothing but just play, it’s okay.  Of course, I know I can’t do it everyday – the house would fall apart and everyone else would starve because we’d run out of food and they would have to go to school in dirty, stinky clothes or naked.  But, today was awesome!