I was so excited to get a chance to work on one of the many sewing projects I had planned.  Usually the guilt from leaving the baby with his Dad gets in the way.  Dad loves to watch him and he has been missing his baby time since he’s gone back to work.  I think it’s just a Mommy thing.

I’ve been desperately wanting to make Baby E a shopping cart cover.  The ones in the store are outrageously expensive.  I bought this one that doesn’t cover the whole seat but had a great seat belt to help hold him up after he outgrew his infant carrier (at 4 months).

This past weekend, I had some time to work on the project.  I cut out all of the fabric and started the first steps of sewing the front, back and batting pieces together.  I got everything turned out and ready for the next stitching.  Then, I noticed that my sewing machine’s pressure foot would not lift.  After some disassembling, we discovered that the piece that holds the presser bar is cracked.  I thought it was no more sewing for me, and then wondered how much it was going to cost to repair my ancient Singer.

My mother-in-law (we’ll call her Geema from now on, that’s what my daughter named her years ago) offered to let me borrow her machine.  My father-in-law (Beempa) will be dropping it off sometime today.  I’m so happy!  My mom also offered up her machine (which I may take her up on for a longer term solution).  I can’t wait to continue working on my project!  I’ll be sure to post photos after I finish my project.

What was a very sad day, turned out happy in the end!