Okay, so I’m not a completely heartless mom.  I will miss the hubs and the kids.  I really enjoyed being together this summer.  But, I am also looking forward to having some sort of routine – and not hearing the big kids argue so much.

I’ve been having a terrible time getting to sleep at night.  Luckily, I did hear the 6:30 AM alarm and forced myself out of bed.  We had clothes set out, backpacks ready and shoes by the door last night in hopes of no hiccups in getting out the door on time.  Both kids got up with no problem – it was a miracle!  I’m sure every day won’t be that smooth.

Yeah, A was too much in a hurry to meet her friends at the bus stop to pause for a photo.  There was no way she was going to let me take one at the bus stop.  So, the first year of not getting that “1st Day of School” photo.  By the time it was G’s turn to go to the bus stop, I was ready to go with camera in pocket.  I was very flustered (stay tuned for tomorrow’s story) and only managed to get the back of his head.  Ugh!  I’m such a slacker mom.  Maybe a 2nd Day of School photo is in order?

By the end of the day, I’ll be completely exhausted.  I hope that means that I’ll have no trouble getting to sleep.  Morning will come early again.  I wonder how many early mornings it will take before I’m used to getting up again?