Well, another year closer to those teenage years.  My oldest, A, turns 11 today.  Where does the time go?  I swear it was yesterday and she was just a baby!

As a toddler, she was one of the most polite and caring kids, ever.  I give that credit to the wonderful lady that cared for her when I worked.  I mean, we use manners in our house, it’s just that I think the daily reminders in day-to-day events with a few other children really made it sink in.  She was not afraid of bugs (is now) and she loved to help me plant flowers (still does).

She is a great helper.  She endured a 2 hour photo shoot as my subject in my Outdoor Portraits photography assignment for my photography class (photo below).  Of course, she knows how to bargain and take bribes pretty well.  She negotiated using my DSLR to take photos after I was done with my assignment.

Now, she’s a middle school kid.  She made it through the first week – no problems with her locker or getting to her classes.  My baby is growing up!  Why don’t they slow down like us moms ask them to?  She’d talk on the phone for hours, if we would let her.  Ah! The preteen years are here!

She’s very talented in many aspects of her life.  She likes to draw, write, scrapbook, use the computer, put on shows, play the piano, sing, sew, and don’t forget read.  She reads a lot.  I can’t keep this girl in books!  She often reads more than one book at a time, all in record speed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini trip through memory lane with me.  My daughter is a wonderful, special and beautiful girl and I wish her the happiest of birthdays!