Yesterday was quite a day.  Not only was it the first day of school, but I locked Baby E and myself out of the house.  I was heading outside to be with G at the bus stop.  I grabbed the diaper bag and Baby E and headed to the garage to get the stroller.  I pulled the door shut behind me and didn’t realize that it was locked.  I realized it when Baby E looked a little cold and decided to run in to grab a blanket.  After a panic, and trying to break open the door, I went to the bus stop to see G off – and forgot to take a photo.  I got the back of his head.  See?

One of my mom friends was also at the bus stop seeing off her children.  I told her what happened and she insisted on helping me.  My hubby was at work, it was the first day of school at his district too.  I tried calling my father-in-law, but he wasn’t home.  No neighbors had spare keys nor did we have any hiding outside.  She took me back to her house where I was able to make Baby E’s formula (luckily I had that in the diaper bag), but there was no bottle.  He tried the sippy cup and then refused it.  While I was struggling with Baby E, my mom friend was calling other mom friends to see if she could borrow a car seat.  She found one, picked it up and installed it in her car.

She gave me her car!  Can you believe that?  She even insisted that I go to the First Day of School Coffee that my MOPS group was having to see if I could borrow a bottle and relax a little.  So, after a little convincing and deciding that Baby E needed to eat, I went to the coffee.  I was fed breakfast because the host had quite a spread.  Another mom washed out her baby’s bottle so I could use it to feed Baby E.  It was really wonderful and it did help me come down from my stressed-panic.

Then, I drove about 35 miles to hubby’s work to pick up his house key in the front office and back home.  It was past noon by the time I got back into my house.  I changed over to using my car, returned the borrowed car seat and promptly went to the hardware store to get several copies of our house keys made.  We have spares, my daughter has a set and 2 neighbors are getting sets.  I never want to get locked out of the house again.  I’m so thankful my mom friend was there and that it didn’t happen in the middle of winter or that the baby was locked inside with me outside.

I filled up my mom friend’s gas tank.  It was the least I could do.  I am forever in her debt.  I am so grateful and thankful for my mom friends!