Dear Baby E,

Another month has flown by.  You are officially crawling at the speed of light and the pack and play is no longer able act as a wall to keep you on one side of the family room.  You can push your way between the couch and the pack and play – such strength and determination!  You’re pulling yourself up to a standing position with anything you can grab onto and sustained your first injury by the mean old baby gate.

You’re super smiley and love to give everyone kisses.  We love to watch you discover new things and destroy our block castles.  Even Snickers (our kitty) has allowed you to pet her and kiss her without running away (for a few seconds).

Your sister has found many ways to make you laugh.  The latest way was when she put you in your toy bin.  You loved it and had a great time in there playing with your toys.

You’ve cut 3 teeth (and another almost through) and have been pretty good considering how painful it must be.  At your 9 month well visit you were over the 24 pound mark so that makes you in the 18 month sizes already.  Mama says slow down!

Big changes are here!  Daddy, A and G are back to school so it’s just you and Mama during the day.  Mama can’t wait to see what kind of fun we will find!