As summer winds down and we begin to prepare for getting back to school, our Summer Vacation Orientation guidelines quickly drift from our daily practices.  Actually, looking back, the only guideline that actually stuck for any length of time was the 10:00 PM bedtime.  We did attempt to keep some order with the video games and TV times but there were days when it was out of control.  And the bathing, why oh why does it have to be such a battle with kids once they reach about 4?  We battled, when we were too tired to  battle, they stayed dirty.

Our schedules were pretty crazy once July hit.  We had camp;  day camp for G and resident camp for A (on different weeks).  We went to the beach, visited grandmas and grandpas, there was Vacation Bible School (where I helped with the 2nd and 3rd graders) and let us not forget our Great Wolf Lodge Adventure.  August was just as packed.  We had camping with grandma and grandpa, family reunion, our trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens, visited with Auntie, A and I had sewing classes and A getting ready for middle school (instrument rental, orientation, new school ID, locker trials, etc.).  Whew!  Looking back, no wonder I’m exhausted.

I am so happy to have been able to spend this summer as a family.  In the past, I was always working and the hubby had summers with the kids.  I guess last year I was home too, but it seems like such a blur (probably all those naps when pregnant).  This year just felt so much better.