We all do it.  Well, unless you are the super organized type.  Recently I have been helping my parents go through my Grandma’s old apartment.  She moved into memory care and obviously can’t take everything with her.  This has left us a huge job of going through all of her belongings and determining where items should go (donate, family member, her, or trash).  It’s a really hard job.  I mean at first you feel like you shouldn’t be going through her things and then after you find the 1,000th pair of unused pantyhose or formal gloves you kind of crack.  Who needs that many?

It’s really making me think about the mess at my house.  Oh the mess…. tons of old magazines, stuff in boxes in the basement, just stuff everywhere.  And we cleaned out tons of stuff not that long ago when we had hopes of selling our house!  How does the clutter accumulate so quickly?

I know that some things may have memories attached and that’s why we just can’t let go.  I even understand the things that are given to you because it’s a family heirloom (even if it might not be your taste), but old magazines, out-grown clothes, old school papers?

One of my friends recently told me she was reading a book about eliminating clutter.  Maybe I need to borrow it from her when I’m finished.  In one week’s time, I’m committing to getting rid of old clothes that are hanging in the basement and clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn or intend to wear.  (Baby steps) I’ll keep you posted.

How do you keep the clutter from taking over your house?