Do you remember the car commercial for the Cadillac – “The Caddy that Zigs”?  And they would show the car going down a zig-zag type road.  Well Ziggy was a hyper little kitten.  She would literally climb up your leg (if you were wearing pants) and she would run around our little apartment like crazy.  We named her Ziggy and for years would follow it up with “the kitty that zigs”.

Yesterday we had to put her down.  She was 13 years old.  She was a sweet, loving kitty.  Hubby and I adopted her and her sister (Snickers) right before we were married.  In the last year or so, she lost a lot of weight (actually gained and lost), she had a terrible inappropriate peeing problem and had recently started to go crazy over people food (she would literally try to sneak it off your plate when you weren’t looking).  She looked like she was in so much pain.  I could tell that it hurt her to lay down and watching her trying to climb stairs was heartbreaking.

Ziggy  4/1/1997 – 8/18/2010

Ziggy was a protector kitty and a healing kitty.  Several years ago I had pneumonia and was hospitalized for 4 days.  When I came home, she always slept next to me.  If I coughed too much, she would get up and sniff my face as if to make sure I was okay.  A few months after the pneumonia, I got mono.  Again, whenever I was in bed, she was always with me and slept next to me.  On normal days, she and her sister would sleep on our bed at the end, one on each corner – like little sphinxes.  I called both Ziggy and Snickers my guardian kitties.

Snickers is adjusting.  She’s been meowing and wandering the house, like she’s looking for her sister.  I hope she’ll be okay.  Most of all, I hope that Ziggy is in peace and that she is no longer in pain.

We miss you, Ziggy, and we’ll love you forever.