Our vacation this year was to Great Wolf Lodge.  This place is great for families with children of all ages.  There are tons of activities to keep everyone busy for a long time.

Our trip started with a 3+ hour ride in the car.  I was a bit nervous about Baby E, at 8 months old, being in the car for so long.  The way out was great! What an awesome baby!  He slept most of the time.  And, our seating strategy with the older kids worked out great.  Just look at the photos below at the 2/3 mark where we stopped for lunch.

I highly recommend purchasing the Paw Pass.  It includes a MagiQuest wand and game, an animal at the stuff-a-wolf station, a color your own t-shirt or pillow case at the Cub Club, 36 Arcade tokens and a special kid drink with a keepsake shaker.  Both my older kids loved these activities.

There’s this great area in the waterpark for the wee little kids, infants and toddlers.  Baby E was overwhelmed at first.  His poor chin was quivering but he didn’t cry.  It took about 30 minutes before he adjusted to all of the chaos and then he had fun.  Of course the bigger kids had a blast with the water rides, lazy river, and the fort.

We decided to upgrade our room this time and got the Wolf Den.  Great room! There’s a cave in a corner where the kids sleep.  They get a bunk bed and their own TV.  They slept great!

After all that fun it was time to go home, we packed up and headed out.  Poor Baby E decided he was done and screamed for over an hour.  That was torture.  I guess that means that there are no plans for a long car trip in the near future.