Today is hubby’s birthday.  We didn’t do anything special.  The kids had dentist appointments and then we picked up some furniture from my grandma’s old apartment.  There was a quick stop at Whole Foods since it was sorta on the way and then back home.  Believe it or not that took most of the day.  My daughter had her first cheerleading practice at 5:30 this evening so we did make it home in time for that.  Poor hubs though,  he seems to get the shaft quite often on his birthday.  August is just always crazy for us (not to mention that it always seems to be the time we are out of cash).

He doesn’t like cake so I knew that I didn’t need to get one. So, it’s night time and I have brownies in the oven.  Did I say our day was crazy yet?

Anyway, Happy Birthday Hubby!  I love you so much!