Dear Baby E,

This last month you have gone from scooting and rolling to full out speed crawls.  No table, no piano, not anything is safe from your gooey grasp.  It makes us so happy to see you grow and learn new things, and it seems like you’re learning new things at the speed of light!  You’ve tried your first finger food – Organic Banana Puffs – and you love them.  We can’t wait to have you try out more finger foods.

We took you on your first car trip vacation.  You love the water!  And you were the world’s most awesome baby when it came to sharing a hotel room with your family (and sleeping through the night).  We understand that we may have pushed you a wee bit too far in terms of the long car ride back home but appreciate that you still love us anyway.


If we may, we all have one request – please, oh please, oh pretty please stop trying to rip the skin off our bones.  Your mommy has little tiny bruises on the backs of her arms.  She thinks your pincher grasp is working great and that you maybe should try the pincher workout on those puffs instead of her arms.

We can’t wait to see what this next month brings.  We love you so much, you are the light of our day (and lives).

With Love,
Mommy, Daddy, A, and G