I’m not sure how long ago, but they don’t teach sewing and cooking in the middle schools anymore (at least here). I’m shocked.  That’s when I learned to how to sew.  I spent a lot of my high school years redesigning patterns.  In fact, there were a few school dances where I made my own dress (and of course, redesigned the pattern).

I just couldn’t accept that my daughter would never learn how to sew.  Luckily, while shopping at JoAnn’s, I discovered that they taught classes.  They were planning on several classes for kids this summer.  I waited for their Open House (when the classes were 1/2 off – yay!) and signed A up for 3 classes:  Sewing 101 (pillow case), Sewing 102 (a backpack), and Quilting 101 (a rag bag purse).  She’s already completed Sewing 101 and she really enjoyed it.  The next class is next week.

We have also picked out a couple of patterns to work on at home.  We already have the fabric and notions ready to go.  We’re going to make some pajama shorts and aprons.

My sewing machine is an ancient Singer machine.  In fact, it could be one of the machines I actually learned to sew on.  Strange coincidence but my hubby teaches at the middle school that I attended.   When the school was remodeling (and getting rid of the sewing classroom), they allowed employees to take  one of the old sewing machines before they were donated.  My hubby brought one home for me.  And, when I was a working mom, it sat unused in our basement for several years.  Now that I’m home, I have a new rekindled desire to start sewing again, so upstairs it came.  We were able to get it running with some cleaning and a little tightening of the electrical connections.   I can’t wait to get sewing again.