I absolutely had to have a plan for this summer.  My quiet and somewhat peaceful days with just baby and me at home during the day was going to end.  My hubby is a teacher, so not only would the older kids be home but hubby would be home too.  I was looking forward to an entire summer with everyone together.  We were last summer, but I was pregnant and really don’t remember much (must have been all those naps).  So, after much thought, I came up with “Summer Vacation Orientation.”  I teased the kids about it during the last two weeks of school.

I just wanted to set some ground rules for the summer.  Nothing too crazy but I wanted them to know that they weren’t allowed to watch TV and be in their jammies all day.  AND, I didn’t want my house to get trashed with clutter and toys. Oh! And when I say “them,” I mean the older kids.  My hubby is usually the first one up and dressed in the morning.   After about a week after school was out, we had our Summer Vacation Orientation.  Here’s our guidelines:

  • Beds will be made before lunchtime or going outside to play (no later than 12:00 PM)
  • Jammies will be put in your laundry baskets and you will be dressed for the day by lunchtime (no later than 12:00 PM)
  • TV times will be limited to 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon/evening (unless it is a rainy day or declared movie day/night)
  • Wii or other electronic game time will be limited to 1 hour per person per day, unless we are traveling or special occasions
  • All chores on cleaning day will be completed before going outside or playing with friends
  • Any toys or items brought out during the day (inside and outside) will be picked up before bedtime
  • Bedtime is 10 PM, unless there is a special event
  • Bathing/Showers will occur at a minimum every other day

I know, I really had to include the bathing otherwise it would be a surprise that it was an expectation.  I still think the TV times are WAY too much, but it’s summer so I thought I would go easy on them.

My daughter thinks I’m crazy.  I overheard her on the phone with a friend.  I asked her what her friend thought.  And, of course, this friend thought it was crazy, but she told her mom and her mom thought the idea was awesome.  Ha!

We’re a few weeks into it now.  So far it seems to be working out.  We voted on which day was cleaning day and assigned tasks for each member of the family.  Of course, Baby E’s task is to be a happy baby and take his naps so mommy and daddy can get their work finished.  If Baby E is not feeling in the mood, it’s A’s job to babysit him while we finish up.  Each kids gets their age as their pay, if all their assigned tasks are completed.

What do you guys do?  How is it working?  Do you all think I’m nuts?