Hello interweb!  My name is Manda.  For some reason the word interweb bugs me.  Maybe it’s because spell check hates it or maybe it has to do with my past life as a working mom in the information technology world.  So, I thought it was perfect for my ‘hello’ in my new life.  I’m a mom of 3 who’s spent the first 10 years as a full-time employed mom and the last year as a stay at home mom.  My oldest child, daughter A, is almost 11 years old and is entering middle school next year – yikes!  My second child is son G, he’s turning 7 in just a couple of weeks.  My youngest was born last November and he, Baby E, will be 8 months in just a few days.

The Kiddos – G, Baby E, and A

Baby E and Me

In my blog, I am hoping to share random mommy tales, some of my creative side (digital scrapbooking, photography, sewing, and more), and insights into the challenges of becoming a stay at home mom (a huge life change for me).  I hope you’ll hang around.