Author: Manda

Giggles for the Day

Everyone needs to giggle now and then.  Here are a few of my favorite giggles.  Baby giggles tend to be my favorites.  They don’t have to be specifically “my” babies giggling either. The first video is of my...

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What Happened to Home Economics?

I’m not sure how long ago, but they don’t teach sewing and cooking in the middle schools anymore (at least here). I’m shocked.  That’s when I learned to how to sew.  I spent a lot of my high school years...

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Summer Vacation Orientation

I absolutely had to have a plan for this summer.  My quiet and somewhat peaceful days with just baby and me at home during the day was going to end.  My hubby is a teacher, so not only would the older kids be home but hubby...

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Hello interweb!  My name is Manda.  For some reason the word interweb bugs me.  Maybe it’s because spell check hates it or maybe it has to do with my past life as a working mom in the information technology world.  So, I...

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