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Giggles for the Day

Everyone needs to giggle now and then.  Here are a few of my favorite giggles.  Baby giggles tend to be my favorites.  They don’t have to be specifically “my” babies giggling either. The first video is of my sons.  G is trying to make Baby E laugh by pushing some Peek-A-Blocks into the base of the exersaucer.  Who knew? Here’s more giggles, this one is a classic. Enjoy!  I hope they brought smiles to your...

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My Blog Design is Done!

Yay!  I’ve been waiting for some inspiration to come to me.  I had no idea what design I wanted.  I originally thought that I wanted some vector drawing of a mom and kids with craziness going on in the background.  I could envision it but had no idea how to do it.  Then, after some research, it looked like it was going to cost me money to buy the vector art but then I would still need someone else to do it for me.  Drat! Why don’t I know more about graphic arts?! After a long night of not being able to sleep (blast those Zyrtec D pills that keep me awake!), it finally came to me.  I want to share my digital scrapbooking with you all, so why not digitally scrap my header and other blog elements? Then,  I had to go through my vast supply of Scrap Girls collections and decide which one I wanted to use.  That was hard.  I love Scrap Girls!  I finally decided on their Mischief Maker Collection by Syndee Nuckles.  It’s a beautiful collection.  Here’s a look: So what do you guys think of the...

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What Happened to Home Economics?

I’m not sure how long ago, but they don’t teach sewing and cooking in the middle schools anymore (at least here). I’m shocked.  That’s when I learned to how to sew.  I spent a lot of my high school years redesigning patterns.  In fact, there were a few school dances where I made my own dress (and of course, redesigned the pattern). I just couldn’t accept that my daughter would never learn how to sew.  Luckily, while shopping at JoAnn’s, I discovered that they taught classes.  They were planning on several classes for kids this summer.  I waited for their Open House (when the classes were 1/2 off – yay!) and signed A up for 3 classes:  Sewing 101 (pillow case), Sewing 102 (a backpack), and Quilting 101 (a rag bag purse).  She’s already completed Sewing 101 and she really enjoyed it.  The next class is next week. We have also picked out a couple of patterns to work on at home.  We already have the fabric and notions ready to go.  We’re going to make some pajama shorts and aprons. My sewing machine is an ancient Singer machine.  In fact, it could be one of the machines I actually learned to sew on.  Strange coincidence but my hubby teaches at the middle school that I attended.   When the school was remodeling (and getting rid of the sewing classroom),...

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Summer Vacation Orientation

I absolutely had to have a plan for this summer.  My quiet and somewhat peaceful days with just baby and me at home during the day was going to end.  My hubby is a teacher, so not only would the older kids be home but hubby would be home too.  I was looking forward to an entire summer with everyone together.  We were last summer, but I was pregnant and really don’t remember much (must have been all those naps).  So, after much thought, I came up with “Summer Vacation Orientation.”  I teased the kids about it during the last two weeks of school. I just wanted to set some ground rules for the summer.  Nothing too crazy but I wanted them to know that they weren’t allowed to watch TV and be in their jammies all day.  AND, I didn’t want my house to get trashed with clutter and toys. Oh! And when I say “them,” I mean the older kids.  My hubby is usually the first one up and dressed in the morning.   After about a week after school was out, we had our Summer Vacation Orientation.  Here’s our guidelines: Beds will be made before lunchtime or going outside to play (no later than 12:00 PM) Jammies will be put in your laundry baskets and you will be dressed for the day by lunchtime (no later...

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Hello interweb!  My name is Manda.  For some reason the word interweb bugs me.  Maybe it’s because spell check hates it or maybe it has to do with my past life as a working mom in the information technology world.  So, I thought it was perfect for my ‘hello’ in my new life.  I’m a mom of 3 who’s spent the first 10 years as a full-time employed mom and the last year as a stay at home mom.  My oldest child, daughter A, is almost 11 years old and is entering middle school next year – yikes!  My second child is son G, he’s turning 7 in just a couple of weeks.  My youngest was born last November and he, Baby E, will be 8 months in just a few days. The Kiddos – G, Baby E, and A Baby E and Me In my blog, I am hoping to share random mommy tales, some of my creative side (digital scrapbooking, photography, sewing, and more), and insights into the challenges of becoming a stay at home mom (a huge life change for me).  I hope you’ll hang...

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