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End of School Year Frazzle

Many of you already have kids out of school for the summer. Not here, there’s two more days left. We’ve been running from here to there and everywhere. My oldest, “A”, is finishing up her 8th grade year. We’ve had an 8th Grade Dance, Award Ceremony and tonight is the 8th Grade Recognition. Tomorrow, the last day of school, she goes on a class field trip and won’t get home until very late. My “G”, he’s finishing up his 3rd grade year. We recently finished a school project where he did community service. He chose to help at the local Soup Kitchen with our church family. It actually came at a great time for my pre-teen, moody boy to experience helping others in need. He really enjoyed helping out and I expect that he will want to do it again. He also received an award at school, so I attended his award ceremony as well. “E” finished up his Tiny Tots class a while ago, but the BIG – HUGE news here is that it looks like we’re finally potty trained – YAY!! Besides only a couple of accidents in the last week, he’s been dry all day. He even gets upset if I suggest that we wear pull-ups when going out. As a reward for his “almost” perfect week, I purchased him the Jake and the Neverland Pirates...

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Much Ado Around Here

Hi! You’re still here! Good. There’s been loads going on around here. I know, I always say that. But, we have had potty training, positive discipline, drama club, tanks and boyfriends. There’s just no rest around here. So, potty training is going well. I think it’s time to give up the pull ups. I can’t wait. Baby E has decided that he likes going to the potty on his own. He just hasn’t decided that he likes underwear. LOL! I think what he really likes is the Dum Dum suckers he gets for potty success. A momma’s gotta do...

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Baby Gate for Bunk Stairs Update

I thought that you might like an update on how our bunk bed baby gate was working. First, to be honest, Baby E is now 3 years old. Since his dad is 6 foot 7 inches tall, you won’t be surprised to hear that Baby E is also tall – more like a 4 year old. Does it still work for him? Not really. He can just climb over it if he really wants. If I remember correctly, he figured out the whole climbing part sometime this past summer. The good news is that he’s capable of climbing down...

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Puppy Damage

You know, when the puppy trainer suggests that you leave the leash on your puppy when she is in the house, it sounds like a great idea. In fact, it still is a great idea. You just need to use some common sense, which I didn’t. Back in November I was sitting on the couch with our puppy, Maizey. I had her leash with the loop/handle around my arm. She was sleeping next to me. I had asked “A” to put out Maizey’s dinner. She did and Maizey was so sleepy that she didn’t even get up. “A” (not knowing that I had the leash around my arm) shook the dry food bag and called her. Maizey took off running and my arm went flying out and I felt it snap back. It hurt – a lot. Then, I forgot about it. That night I woke up with my arm feeling tingly – like when you sleep on it funny and it goes to sleep. Assuming that it was that, I moved, went back to sleep and forgot about it. During the next couple of days I noticed that my hand was tingly and just couldn’t figure out why. By the third day, my fingers were tingly and I did not have much fine motor skill with them. I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted. My neck, shoulder,...

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