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A Frugal Mom’s Guide to the Killer Guard

I mentioned that my oldest was entering high school this year, right? My husband and I feel strongly about kids participating in after school activities. Starting last year, we encouraged her to think about what activities she might be interested in. We suggested Marching Band. She plays the clarinet – quite well, especially when she practices. She did not like this idea – at all. I never got a good explanation as to why but we moved on. Then, some friends suggested that we go to a show-and-tell night to see the Winter Guard perform. She was sold. đŸ™‚...

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Guest Post: Not A Movie Star? Act Like It Anyway

Today I’m having my first ever Guest Blogger! So exciting! Arianna is a mom of two, a fashionista and loves to bake. Today she is sharing some awesome summer party ideas today and giving us ideas where can party like movie stars! Be sure to leave her some love in the comments section and check out her blog over at Arianna Knows Best! Many of us, as children, dream of becoming movie stars, famous athletes, or pop singers. As we get older, though, we put those notions aside, and we launch careers and raise families. In our maturity, of course,...

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Creative Project – Ruffled Wristlet

My daughter and I made these awesome ruffled wristlets as end of year gifts. “A” gave one to each of her teachers and I gave one to each member of my MOPS Leadership Team. They are super easy to whip up too. Another Pinterest win! You can find the tutorial over at Teaginny Designs. Alex’s instructions are easy to follow too. For “A”‘s teachers, we purchased a fat quarter pack that had 6 different fabrics. We made 6 ruffled wristlets and still have lots of fabric left over to make...

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Summer Vacation Orientation 2013

Summer is HERE! We’re a little late getting our Summer Vacation Orientation rolled out this year. The school year ended and everyone was exhausted. Then we had our trip to Cedar Point. We’re just getting to our orientation now. We wanted to change things up a little bit this year. As the kids get older we’re finding that their individual needs are so different so a cookie cutter approach just wasn’t going to work. My little “E” – he’s 3 and very good at it. If he doesn’t get enough outdoor exercise, we will all suffer. I mean SUFFER!...

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Who Loves Summer Reading?

I do! There’s just something great about being able to read outside with a cup of coffee or your favorite drink. My son, he doesn’t love summer reading or reading at any time. He just doesn’t find the joy that his sister has found with books. He’s a little behind in his reading level and we can’t just let him take the summer off. He needs to keep working through it. After searching online and Pinterest for Reading Logs, I couldn’t find one that met all my needs. So, I made my own. đŸ™‚ I wanted to be able to track minutes, pages and Accelerated Reader (AR) test numbers. The schools here use AR program. Now that I understand how to choose books, I’m really liking it. If you know your child’s book level, you can use AR BookFinder to look up titles of books at the library, store or ones you already have. The website will also tell you the test number and the number of points it is worth. The kids can take the tests at school and earn points. They have a point goal that they try to reach for each marking period. Reading Log Here’s our reading log, it’s saved as a PDF and it’s free for download – just click on the picture. I’m hoping that the fun colors will help my child get...

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