Author: Manda

Best Mom Tool – Ever

For those of you with older children, I’m going to give you the best mom tool that I’ve found – ever. It gets my kids moving, laughing and best of all accomplishing the task that I’ve assigned. My suggestion is going to be a little shocking to some and I’m probably going to catch some flack for it. But, you know me, if it works, it works and sometimes a momma’s gotta do what’s she’s got to do in order to get stuff done. Getting the kids to clean up their stuff (okay, I call it crap) around the...

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Sick Kids and Mom Guilt – How Do We Win?

One of the hard decisions that a working mom has to make is the decision whether or not her child is well enough to go to school (day care, sitter’s house, etc.) or sick enough to stay at home. This usually happens first thing in the morning. It’s amazing how many things pop up over night. No mom wants to send their child to school when they are sick, but there are so many other factors that come into play. How many sick days does mom have left? Is this going to be another day without pay? How will...

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Let’s Party – Ultimate Blog Party

If you’re hopping over from the Ultimate Blog Party, Welcome! I just moved to my own domain after blogging for a few years at I’ve partied with the Ultimate Blog Party 2 times before a couple of years ago and I’m really excited about partying again and finding more blogs to fall in love with. I mostly share stories about all the mayhem and craziness that goes on in our house. I like to mix things up by posting recipes, creative projects and maybe a homemaking post here or there. I’m hoping to start including some vlogs. My...

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Let’s Play Catch Up

So, as I’ve said, it’s been really busy here. I thought I should share a little about our fall and winter to catch you up. Here are some of our key highlights: Color Guard in the Marching Band – Practices, Football Games and Competitions Cub Scouts Started Preschool and back to Tiny Tots Winter Guard – Practices and Competitions Holidays, Birthdays, Play Dates No More Braces! Life shows no signs of slowing down, only speeding up! Catch Up Here! Peach Festival Halloween Fun! Look at all the Candy! All Mine! Rescue Bot Birthday Cupcakes! New Jammies Maizey Loves the...

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Lovin’ Our New Home

Thanks for stopping by! I’m loving my new home! Ya all know that I love all things techie, right? So, it’s only fitting that I brought my blog to a new home where I can add, tweak and play. Ahhhh! Freedom!! I’ve got a few improvements planned! I’m still going to share busy mom recipes, projects and share all the fun (or maybe not so fun) that happens when life is full of kids and activities. Now that my youngest isn’t really a baby anymore, my mommy stories will be more big kid focused. We’ll have teenage fun all...

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